Alexander Gray Watkins

Alexander Gray Watkins was born on 5th August 1844 in Aberdeen, the eldest son of Alexander Watkins and Mary Gray. He married Elizabeth Murdoch Tilleray on September 14th 1866 and they had four children:

In 1861 Alexander was a clerk at his father's linen factory but by 1865 he was a grocer at 36 St Nicholas Street (a continuation of George Street, bordering Broadford.) In the 1871 census he was described as a Clerk at Paper Mill, and he and Elizabeth were living at 19 Queens Street.

Alexander died on February 5th 1872 aged 27. Elizabeth emigrated to America and settled in New York, as did other members of the Tilleray family. There she married Allen Eadie and had two children, James born in 1881 and Mary, born in 1882. William Tilleray Watkins also went to New York, where he married (Kate, surname unknown) and had a son, William J Watkins born in March 1898.

Alexander and Elizabeth's daughter Mary did not emigrate but lived in the household of her uncle John Tilleray in Perth in the 1890s. Taking the surname Tilleray, she had a daughter Joan born in 1898 in Perth. Mary died on June 13th 1934 in Perth, and her death was registered by her daughter Joan E Tilleray. Joan died in 1976 aged 77.